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Brian has been cleaning for us since 2006. When I called his references back then they were impeccable and I will say you will not be disappointed. He is punctual and dependable. I come home to a very clean and great smelling house. He provides all cleaning supplies which is a bonus and I never worrying about having what's needed on hand. The 1st holiday season that he was cleaning for us, my husband said, "Let's see if he really cleans everywhere. When he went to hang garland around a wood framed archway, he swiped his finger across the the top and there was not a speck of dust!

Cathy Tormey

Brian Smoley has been cleaning our home once every other week for the last 6 years and we have been very satisfied. He is prompt, responsible, and does a very good job for us. We are retired and our schedule is often erratic. We may be away for several weeks or a month, but then entertain friends and (messy) grandchildren when we are at home. We have greatly appreciated Brian's flexibility in accommodating our schedule.

James Wright

We have been using Smoley Cleaners for 5+ years and are very happy with the consistent, high quality of cleaning.  Some professional cleaners are great in the beginning, but then the quality slips as the job becomes routine.  This is not the case with Smoley Cleaners; each cleaning is as sparkling as the first time.  Having a regularly scheduled, bi-weekly cleaning helps me to stay on track with keeping the house picked up.  I find that getting it done before the cleaning helps keep household clutter from building up.  Having recently placed our home on the market, we realize that having our home professionally cleaned has made a big difference in retaining the value of our home. Home ownership use to be a great investment, but not so much in this current market.  It's important to protect the equity as much as possible.  We are very grateful for the excellent care Brian has given our home. We highly recommend Smoley Cleaners!!

Sherry D.

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